When I look through my lens I see a beautifully framed world.

I was born in 1974 and grew up in the green mountains of Vermont. I have been surrounded by this stunning landscape for most of my life now. Growing up I watched as my mother quietly observed the world and through her brush strokes she would capture it on a blank canvas. I could see the world as she saw it and how exquisite it was.

As a young man I searched for that world and my place in it. I purchased my first 35mm film camera at the age of twenty-one. I read about great photographers like Ansel Adams and Dorthea Lange. I quickly became frustrated and sold the camera to a friend. It wasn’t until many years later that I held a camera again.

In my thirty-fourth year I found out that my mother’s breast cancer had returned. I was lost. I remember staring at a blank computer screen, not knowing what I was searching for. I needed to feel something. I came across Michael Levin’s fine art photography and I was immediately drawn to his imagery. I wanted to create an image, one that would mirror my own existence.

From that point on I immersed myself in photography. I shot everything. I spent hours reading and committing to memory the history and fundamentals of photography. Light and shadow began to have aesthetic value and I began to have a new expanded vision of the world.

Truly, it is an exquisite world!